Guidebooks are available at our various Retailers. Please call before you visit store to ensure supply. Online purchase will resume March 2017.

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  • Guidebook
  • $37 / $31 / $24
  • Guidebooks are temporally unavailable for online purchase. Online purchase will resume October 2016. Guidebook with Maps - 6th Edition The total distance of the main trail route is now 280 km with 87 km of side trails so there is a lot of new information contained in this 6th edition.
  • * full-colour maps printed on a waterproof material called Hop-Syn (replacing Tyvek) which gives a clean and crisp look
  • * reverse of each map contains information on the points of interest
  • * the book is in a loose-leaf binder so that pages can be readily removed for use on particular hikes.
  • Cost is: • For Members: $31 with binder $24 insert only • For Non-Members: $37 with binder
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  • Greeting Cards
  • $22
  • Winter or Spring Images
  • * Garry Conway’s spectacular photographs
  • * Winter” series suitable for accompanying holiday gifts
  • * Spring series suitable for sending warm messages
  • * Each series has five different images on high quality photographic paper and card stock, including envelopes
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  • ORTA Crest
  • $3
  • Badge with ORTA logo
  • * easy to sow on outerwear or pack
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