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Accessible Trails in the York Regional Forest

The Hollidge Tract of the York Regional Forest (YRF), located at 16389 Highway 48, has an accessible trail that provides a unique nature experience to all users including those with disabilities. The tract is located in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville on the east side of Highway 48, south of Vivian Road. The one-kilometre accessible trail loop passes through a variety of areas including a red pine forest, a lowland mixed-wood forest, a young hardwood forest and a wetland area.  For more information and a video clip, visit York Regional Forest Website.

York Region's second accessible trail has opened in the YRF North Tract. The tract is located in the Town of East Gwillimbury at 17054 Highway 48 on the west side, north of Vivian Road.  There are two loops, the shorter loop is 555 m in length and the longer loop is 1435 m.  A map of the trails in the North Tract may be viewed here.

The Region's newest accessible trail is located in the YRF Hall Tract. This tract is located in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville at 15681 McCowan Road on the east side north of Aurora Road.

Trail Reroutes after publishing of Guidebook, Edition 6, January 2012



Major Reroute:  Western Terminus

ORTA Western Trailhead #1.jpg

NOTE for above map:  Red track is the Bruce Trail.  Brown track is the new main ORMT, formerly the Bruce Trail's Palgrave Side Trail.  Blue track is ORMT's Palgrave Side Trail, formerly part of ORMT's main trail.

ORTA Maps 0 & 1,  Bruce Trail Map 17 (Albion Hills)

In co-operation with the Bruce Trail Conservancy and TRCA (Toronto & Region Conservation Authority), in the spring of 2015 ORTA assumed responsibility for what was formerly the Palgrave Side Trail of the Bruce Trail (Bruce Trail Guidebook, map 17, Albion Hills). This is now the main ORMT (Oak Ridges Moraine Trail).

The new western trailhead is in Glen Haffy C.A., with access being from where the Bruce Trail crosses Coolihans Sdrd, at Glen Haffy Rd (about 1.25 km east from Airport Rd). Proceed south on the Bruce Trail for 700 metres, to the new Trailhead, marked by a large kiosk. The new section of the ORMT goes eastwards for 10 km meeting the original main Trail in Palgrave Forest.

The current main ORMT, from the south-east side of Palgrave Forest northwards to Finnerty Sdrd / Duffy's Lane, across Hwy #9, and on to present terminus at the Bruce Trail on 5 Sideroad near Airport Rd, will be discontinued.

The current northward section within Palgrave Forest to Finnerty Sdrd, will become an ORMT blue-blazed Side Trail)

Temporary signage is being erected. Final discussions are in progress with the Bruce Trail and TRCA. Permanent signage and re-blazing will follow shortly. Usage of the new reroute is encouraged at this time.

April 13, 2015





 Map1 PucksFarm gone.jpg


Update at Clarke.jpg


In the York Region Forest’s Clarke Tract, the main Trail is rerouted into mature forest, lengthening the Trail by 360 metres. 

Update at Skyloft.jpg



MAPS 5 & 6

The main Trail is rerouted off Houston Road and Lake Ridge Road, into more of the Durham Regional Forest and through TRCA's Skyloft Tract.

A blue Skyloft Side Trail and Buzek Access Trail are added.

Part of the former main Trail becomes the blue Houston Road Access Trail.

This yields a net gain of 3.8 km of off-road trail, and eliminates 1.7 km of road walking.


MAP 11


Map11 OakHtsSdTrl gone.jpg


Update at Warkworth.jpg





MAP 12

Near Warkworth, the main trail is rerouted off a busy highway onto quieter roads.