Oak Ridges Trail Association

The Adventure Relay is a 160 km, non-stop team event in support of the Oak Ridges Trail Association.

You'll help bring awareness to the Moraine and its vibrant habitat. All proceeds go to the Oak Ridges Trail Association to help protect the Moraine's healthy ecosystem and heritage, extend the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail and encourage responsible land use.

Whether you're a veteran adventure racer or an active recreational athlete, if you're looking for a brand new challenge or want to push yourself further, the Adventure Relay has something for all types of racers.

It's a race you'll never forget!  View the 2013 Race Results

The Oak Ridges Moraine and Trail are less than an hour north of Toronto. Once there, take a hike and explore the diversity of landscapes and terrain, spot some of the wide variety of plants and wildlife, and visit the communities that call the Moraine home. The Oak Ridges Moraine Trail is now 275 km long, plus numerous side trails, and the Relay covers 160 km of the trail. View map of the Moraine (pdf)

  • Did you know?
  • The Oak Ridges Moraine supports 65 river systems, flowing north to Lakes Simcoe, Scugog and Rice and even Georgian Bay, and south to Lake Ontario.
  • The Moraine supplies drinking water to 250,000 people.
  • The Moraine is one of the last remaining continuous green corridors in southern Ontario, and is part of the province's recently established Green Belt.
  • The Oak Ridges Moraine is the longest Moraine in Canada.
  • Find out more about the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail and ORTA...