At the Annual General Meeting to be held on April 26, 2018, we will once again put forth a slate of nominees to be elected to serve as Directors for a period of one year. We are seeking new ideas and perspectives and your input is welcomed. We meet about 6 times annually and hope that you’ll join us. To comply with our Constitution, the following must be observed.

 To be eligible for election as a Director at the Annual General Meeting of Members, a person must:

    1. be a member in good standing
    2. have confirmed in writing his/her willingness to serve as a Director,

 Nominations may be made by any Member to the Nominating Committee.  Such nominations shall be:

    1. In writing
    2. Accompanied by the Nominee’s confirmation of willingness to serve.
    3. Received by the Nominating Committee at least five (5) days before the Annual General Meeting.

 Please submit nominations by April 16th to the Committee Chair, Wilma Millage.  You may use snail mail addressed to our office or email past-pres@oakridgestrail.org

 Naturally, we would like to hear from you well before that date so that we can compile a slate of nominees.  You may even suggest yourself for a position!

 If you prefer, please call Wilma Millage at (905) 853-2407, or Kevin Lowe (905) 479-6382